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Italian table talks

Gruppo Italiano presents its original seminar series ITALIAN TABLE TALKS focusing upon various issues surrounding the Italian Food and Restaurants for tomorrow. These topics deal with the real ramifications on the restaurant and hospitality industry, and how it affects the whole chain from producers, importers and distributors, to restaurants, retail and ardent cuisine enthusiasts, the general public. In bringing together a panel of industry experts (business and academic, and government officials), ITALIAN TABLE TALKS aim to layout an informative and strategic vision to enhance the Italian food and hospitality industry in the United States.

Chapter 14

Finally Brunello

Chapter 13


From Firewood to the World’s Top Wines

Chapter 12


PPP Round Two, Work Culture, and Immigration Update

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Chapter 11

“FAITH, FOOD, FASTING” – How Religion Shapes Our Culinary Traditions

Chapter 10

“CLASS DISMISSED” – Reimagining Culinary Institutes and Food Studies

Chapter 9

Has COVID-19 Uncorked a New World for Wines?

Chapter 8

PPP – Preserving, Protecting, Promoting Italian Retail Post Covid-19

Chapter 7

Now What? Critical Thoughts and Practical Strategies on Restoring Our Restaurants

Chapter 5

Food Critics And Restaurant: A Sweet And Sour Relationship

Chapter 4

Consumer Behavior And The Evolution Of Italian Food Retail

Chapter 3

Globalization vs. Authenticity, The Future of Italian Restaurants

Chapter 1

Biodiversity and the Role of the Italian Food Industry in the World

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