Gruppo Italiano Teaches Italian Cuisine to New York’s Food and Financial High School Students

Published by Jayme Markus on

Gruppo Italiano (GI) since its conception has loyally supported educational initiatives, especially for young culinary students who represent the future of Italian cooking.  Before the COVID pandemic struck, GI had participated in the wonderful “Chef in the Classroom” program at the Food and Finance High School in New York City.  Now after two long years, Gruppo Italiano returned to the Food and Finance High School, and Chef Burgos class.  GI Board of Director and Executive Chef at The Leopard at des Artistes, Jordan Frosolone. instructed the students on the history of a special dish from Bari, PASTA ALL’ASSASSIN AKA, PASTA RISOTTATA.  Felice Giovine, a historian of Apulian cuisine, states this dish originated at the end of the 1960s at Al Sorso Preferito, a restaurant in Bari’s city center. Contrary to popular belief, pasta all’assassina wasn’t created as a way to use leftover pasta. When the owners acquired the adjacent restaurant, a former rotisserie, they found the written recipefor the pasta and decided to give it a whirl. It was an instant success.

Chef Jordan took the students through the hands on steps in preparing the dish, instructing them on technique and flavoring, while they asked him questions.  Afterwards, all the students sampled their efforts. It was a day of fun and enlightenment for the nearly thirty students.

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