Italian Table Talks / Chapter 12

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PPP Round Two; Work Culture; and Immigration Update



The recent announcement of the government’s second round of stimulus package, the PPP, is the bridge to survival for the restaurant, food, and hospitality communities. William Dahill will present and explain the details of the $900 billion stimulus package. It is vitally important that restaurants, importers, distributors, and producers understand what is in the package and how to take the most advantage of its offerings.

To explore the future of the work culture, we welcome Mr. Derrick Mashore. After ten months of this unthinkable pandemic and the mass exodus from the traditional workspace to Zoom and Cisco worlds, we ask ourselves: are we better of? Are we more productive, creative, or happy? Debatable to many. However, it is important to understand that maintenance of the work that needs to be done on the daily basis, which sometimes can be effectively done virtually, is not innovation neither creates a high performing cultural society. The physical workspace, the office, is where the strong ties and the weak ties are all in one place, and that human interaction no Facetime can replace.

To wrap up, we will touch on the subject of immigration with Nicola Tegoni. Sadly, millions of hospitality workers were furlough, or entirely lost their jobs, during the pandemic and were forced to return to their countries of origin due to economic hardship. As the economy picks up again, hopefully soon, and those jobs are eventually back in the market, how can they return to the US? How can we assist to bring our workers back? Will the new administration ease the path for immigration?


Date: Monday, January 18, 2021

Time: 3 PM – 4 PM EST

Format: Zoom Webinar

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Guest Speakers:

William Dahill
Partner at Dunnington Bartholow, Miller, LLP

Derrick Mashore
Senior Vice President for Advisory and Transactions Services, CBRE

Nicola Tegoni
Partner at Dunnington Bartholow, Miller, LLP, and Gruppo Italiano Immigration Council


Gianfranco Sorrentino
President of GRUPPO ITALIANO, and Managing Partner of The IL GATTOPARDO Group

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