Dedicated to fostering Italian culinary culture and genuine products through educational series and scholarships.



Gruppo Italiano (GI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering Italian culinary culture and genuine products through educational series and scholarships. It offers timely and in-depth information to its members: restaurants, producers, importers, and distributors of authentic Italian products, as well as media, culinary schools, and to the general public with a serious passion for authentic Italian food and wine.


Join us in helping Peter Miller finish his documentary film, “Marcella”.  It is so close to the heart and mission of Gruppo Italiano. 

Italian cuisine has many heroes, but those groundbreaking personalities whose very life changes the perception and course of Italian cooking in the United States are rare. Marcella Hazan is one of those gifted few whose story needs to be told.

Members of Gruppo Italiano include influential Italian restaurateurs, distributors, importers, and other prominent business and cultural leaders, and continues to be one of the most respected culinary and cultural organizations in the country.

Class at NYU

Gruppo Italiano class in process at NYU



Gruppo Italiano believes education builds bridges among cultures. By nurturing culinary education, Gruppo Italiano promotes knowledge and appreciation of Italian cuisine, trade opportunities, as well as fun for food & wine enthusiasts.


Join our educational and experiential events! Our rich calendar of happenings, local, regional, and national, will keep you informed and engaged by relevant and inspiring topics! Our signature program Italian Table Talks has attracted thousands of participants: explore our extensive library of events here.


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