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The GI membership body consists of two segments
reflective of the Italian restaurantindustry itself:
Trade/Journalists and the General Public
– each with their own set ofexclusive benefits!

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Founding the GI Giacomo Bologna Scholarship facilitated through
a partnership with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.  
Each year for the last 30 years, GI has provided almost a quarter of a million dollars
in scholarships to culinary and hospitality program students from across
the United States enabling them to travel to Italy and participate in 
an intensive educational program to study the cuisine, viticulture, and products of Italy.

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Establishment of the Vino e Cucina
Italian cuisine & wine event.
Organized annually by GI, this consumer event, drawing more than 500 guests
and press, brings together the acclaimed GI member restaurants from around
the United States who prepare and present their signature dishes. 
The evening is complemented by Italian wines and spirits and a silent auction.

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GI continues to represent the point of reference for educational institutions and
journalists throughout the U.S. and Italy promoting a better understanding and
appreciation of Italian Cuisine and its regional products.
In addition GI provides the support and resources to all regions throughout Italy
who travel to the U.S. for special events and educational programs.

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Since 1980, GI sponsors an annual professional development trip to Italy
for members and invited journalists focusing on a different region each year,
allows the opportunity to learn about the history of Italian Cuisine
while being introduced to new products and techniques.
The knowledge gained through this experience provides restaurateurs
the opportunity to enhance their businesses and provide a new resource
of training for their staff making their operations more successful
and progressive in today’s competitive market.

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Serving as the consultant to the Italian Cuisine curriculum developed
and introduced at the Culinary Institute of America.
Through these efforts the CIA opened the Catherine De Medici restaurant
which still serves as an educational resource for college.



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