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Restaurants, Culinary Professionals, Producers, Importers,

Distributors and The Press

​- Corporate members are featured in the “GI Report” quarterly newsletter, distributed to members, trade publications, food writers, industry contacts, and to prominent culinary and hospitality schools around the United States.

– A detailed listing in the “GI Restaurant Directory”, included in outreach to both U.S. and Italian press.

– Opportunities to network with GI member restaurants, distributors and importers, and associate schools and educators.

– Opportunities throughout the year to present your product line through events and promotions to GI members.


– Opportunity to participate in the annual “Vino e Cucina” event; showcase your products at this consumer events held each year to support the GI Scholarship program.

– An exclusive invitation to join fellow trade members and journalists on the annual GI culinary trip to Italy. Each year, an excursion to a different Italian region provides an experience filled with history, food, wine, and tours of various producers, highlighting new products and techniques.


– Direct access provided by the GI board to agencies throughout Italy who provide the opportunity to host Italian culinary students, cooks and Chefs for research & development; this provides your establishment with a competitive edge to market featured products highlighting these guest staff members and their contributions.

– Online job postings/resume search feature coordinated by GI; this new feature will allow you to post your current staffing needs,  made available to culinary and hospitality schools across the U.S. and Italy, providing your company with exposure to thousands of qualified, trained culinary and restaurant management students and graduates.


Legal Services

– Reid Rosen, Esq: 20% off normal rates.

– Discounts at Jackson Lewis; please contact Linda Carlozzi for more information.


Throughout the year, GI General Public members will be invited to:

– Events related to promoting specific Italian products and beverages offered by our trade members (restaurants, distributors and importers), with opportunities to sample, taste, and learn about various Italian brands.

– Select educational and cultural events/lectures offered by culinary institutes, universities and restaurants, explaining Italian cuisine, its history and relevant issues in today’s marketplace.

– Major Italian food and wine events in New York City, where GI has a substantial presence.

– Book events and signings by authors writing about the current world of Italian cuisine.

– Opportunities to meet trade professionals, panelists and lecturers in the GI network.

– Receive a copy of the “GI Report” quarterly newsletter.